Canal Street – Scottsville

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Rochester Street
Scottsville, NY 14546
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Beautiful shaded boardwalk


Canal Street
Road to Genesee Valley Canal landing and to warehouses of I. Carpenter and Philip Garbutt
Canal used 1840 – 1878


State Education Department – 1949

What was there

A road leading to the Genesee Valley Canal landing.

What is there now

Paved walkway leading up to a  wooden boardwalk through a wooded area.  The boardwalk is very slippery.  Please use extreme caution when it’s wet or leaf covered.

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  • Marker
  • The approach
  • Instructions and warnings
  • A bike near the walkway
  • Beautiful shaded boardwalk
  • Lichen on the handrail
  • Old stone structure as seen from along the Boardwalk
  • Look - it's graffiti
  • The Genesee Valley Greenway Trail picks up where the Boardwalk leaves off.

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