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4421 River Rd.
Lewiston, NY
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British Landing
British troops commanded by Col. Murray landed December 19, 1813 on shore of river-marched north-captured Fort Niagara holding it until May 22, 1815


United States Daughters of 1812 New York State Society – (date unknown)

What was there

Sight of the landing of British Forces  (500 – 600 men) from across the river in Canada prior to their invasion of Youngstown and capture of Fort Niagara.

What is there now

An open field across from Stella Niagara Educational Park.  There is a Pumping station on the northern part of the site.

More information

  • In retaliation for brutal attacks by the American forces, of British civilian settlements and military forts on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, 500-600 British forces led by Colonel John Murray crossed the Niagara River. Through the dead of winter and in the darkness of night, Col. Murray and his forces stealthily attacked and killed, through a bayonet charge, the sentries at Fort Niagara. Several accounts have been given dealing with the battle at Fort Niagara; some say the American troops were fast asleep and no shots were fired.  There are several different versions of the story all rather gruesome, but the end fact is the British secured and captured Fort Niagara.
  • War of 1812: The Capture of Fort Niagara, December 19, 1813

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