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641 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, New York 14202
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Wilcox Mansion
Site of army barracks established here in 1838.
President Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office as president of the United States here in 1901.


State Education Department – 1941

What was there

Wilcox Mansion and Army Barracks

What is there now

The Wilcox mansion still stands today.  Because of its national significance and history, it is now under the auspices of the National Park Service and Federal control. Though the sign does indicate that there was at one time an army barracks dating to the war of 1812,  physical signs of the barracks are long gone.

More information

  • Wilcox Mansion
  • Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office on September 14, 1901, from the Wilcox mansion on Delaware Avenue in the city of Buffalo New York.  His predecessor, William McKinley, had been assassinated at the Pan-American exposition, September 6, and passing on the 14th.
    Theodore Roosevelt had hoped to someday achieve the Presidency himself, but not this dreadful way! In Roosevelt’s own words,
    “It is a dreadful thing to come into the Presidency in this way; but it would be far worse to be morbid about it.  Here is the task, and I have got to do it to the best of my ability.”  It was originally planned that Teddy Roosevelt be sworn in as President upon his arrival back to Buffalo New York from a trip in the Adirondacks, at the Milburn’s house.  That was where McKinley had been taken to recover from the assassination, but unfortunately died there. It had been deemed to be too unsuitable for that purpose, while the body of the President was still lying in the house.  Since Ansley Wilcox was a friend and confidant of Roosevelt, it was decided that not only would he be taken to the Wilcox Mansion to refresh, and rest, but at the same time the oath of office of the Presidency of the United States would also be administered there.

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