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1700-1750 Park Rd
Mt Morris, NY 14510 0.6 mi NE
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Former site of Gibsonville
Hamlet existed in this area  from 1824 – 1900


New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation — (Date unknown)

What was there

The small pioneer village of Gibsonville, first settled in 1792 by Ebenezer “Indian” Allen, who built a sawmill along the Silver Lake Outlet just to northeast of this marker. At its peak, Gibsonville was home to 16 houses, a general store, post office, shoemaker mill, blacksmith and a primary school. From 1933 to 1941 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) had a worker camp here. Many of the ruins one can find today are from the CCC camp.

What is there now

A nature trail within Letchworth State Park; Some ruins of the former CCC camp; 3 waterfalls.

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Posted: July 30, 2012


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