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3670 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY
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Harris Seed Farm
Founded by Joseph Harris
Editor and owner of the “Genesee Farmer” 1856-1865


By the County of Monroe — 1959

What was there

Moreton Farm, an experimental seed farm where Joseph Harris, an English horticulturalist, based the Harris Seed Company. The seed company became a successful national mail-order business, and thrived during seed shortages of both World Wars. In later years this location became a Harris-owned garden retail outlet.

What is there now

The property was abandoned for a brief time, but as of this writing,  is one of the buildings is currently occupied by a landscaping company and is filled with stacks of landscaping supplies. The old Harris retail building seems to be abandoned.

More information

After 2 generations, the company was shuffled around a few holding companies and was eventually bought up by Groupe Limagrain, a multinational co-op of seed and grain producers, in 1996. Although some operations still take place in Chili, NY, most seed production and distribution takes place on the west coast. A garden retail outlet still operates in Penfield.

The Genesee Farmer was a local agriculture periodical founded by Rochesterian Luther Tucker in 1831.

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