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Rt 5 and Rt 15A
Lima, NY 14485
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“At the forks of the trail” name recorded 1634. Destroyed by Denonville’s French Army 1687. Site also of Father Garnier’s Chapel of St. Jean.


By the Lima Bicentennial Committee — October 4, 1976

What was there

The intersection of two major Seneca trails, used for thousands of years for trade, travel, hunting, and war. During the French Expedition of the Marquis de Denonville, the Chapel of St. Jean was built as a Catholic mission at this intersection in 1669. The east-west trail played an important role in pioneer westward expansion. The intersection was a popular pioneer stop at the time.

What is there now

The east west trail is now State Routes 5 & 20. The north-south trail is now Route 15A. The French chapel no longer exists. Commercial buildings and parking lots line what is downtown Lima, and there is a Presbyterian church on the northwest corner.

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Posted: September 5, 2012


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