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Goodwin Park, County Road 130
Greece, NY
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Old trolley route
Rochester-Grand View Beach and later Rochester-Manitou Railroad linked resorts of a gay era at the lakeside.


By the County of Monroe — Date unknown

What was there

A trolley line that ran 7 to 8 miles from Manitou Beach (then a lakeside resort) to Charlotte Beach (also a resort) from 1891 to 1895. Then operated as the Rochester, Charlotte & Manitou Beach Railroad (1895-1908) and Rochester & Manitou Railroad (1908-1925). The Grand View Beach Hotel was located on the beach north of here. After the lakeside resort boom subsided and many of the resorts went bankrupt, most of the camps they housed became summer cottages, or even permanent homes.

The trolley line actually ran on the other side of the Long Pond lagoon from here, where Old Edgemere Dr is now. Maps from 1902-1924 show the immediate area of the sign to be undeveloped part of the Long Pond wetland and under ownership of John T. Lewis.

What is there now

Most of the old resorts have become lakeside communities. At this location is Grandview Beach Neighborhood. The marker is located near the parking lot of Goodwin Park. Old and new Edgemere Drives have since replaced the trolley line.

More information

The trolley line ran along the  shore of Lake Ontario, even crossing the mouth of Braddock Bay via wooden trestle.

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