Union Lodge No. 45

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1891 Rochester St
Lima, NY 14485
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Union Lodge no. 45
Mark Lodge formed at Lima 1809. Union Lodge chartered  June 11, 1916. New Masonic Hall at Four Corners 1866.

“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”


By the Freemason fraternal organization — date unknown.

What was there

A 2-story building used for fraternal organization meeting and official proceedings until the construction of a neighboring 3 story building on the corner.

What is there now

The sign is erected in front of the old Masonic Hall, which now houses commercial businesses.

The old lodge building is no longer there.  Through funding from the Freemasons, Sam Bonner Park was build after demolition of the lodge building. It consists of a brick floor, a few benches, flowering plants, and a historic information sign (provided by the town).

More information

The verse  at the bottom of the marker is Proverb 22:28 and 23:10, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” Although the meaning is up to debate, it is commonly in reference to not cheating your neighbors by changing the boundaries in-between.

A sign provided by the Town of Lima has been erected on the site:

Historic Lima
Settled 1788

Lima’s present business district began to take shape in 1804 with the erection of a brick school and meeting house near the current Town Hall. Construction in 1816 of the first of three hotels on the site of the American Hotel, and a Federal-style meeting house where the Presbyterian Church now stands, established the Four Corners as the commercial center of the town.

Businesses at the Four Corners have changed over time, but since the rebuilding after disastrous fires in 1858 and 1865, the buildings have remained relatively unchanged.

Throughout its history, Lima was known for producing furniture, potash, insulators, and even a secret recipe soft drink.

Because of its rich soils and gentle typography, farming has always been Lima’s main industry. Initially it was based on grains and large sheep herds. Later enterprises included dairy farming, nurseries, and commercial seed and bulb production.

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