John Townsend Trowbridge

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2726 Nichols Street
Spencerport, NY
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Birthplace of John T. Trowbridge
Poet; author of “Darius Green and His Flying Machine”



What was there

The log cabin home of famed children’s author and abolitionist John Townsend Trowbridge.

What is there now

A modern, private, suburban home in a mixed residential/farming community, adjacent to the Spencerport, NY school district.

More information

Although John Townsend Trowbridge is most remembered for his works of juvenile fiction, such as “Darius Green and His Flying-Machine”, and his detailed survey of  a post Civil War south in “The South: A Tour of Its Battlefields and Ruined Cities”, his political works pushed the social boundaries of the latter half of the 1800s. His anti-slavery novel, “Neighbor Jackwood”, is a 400 page tome following the journey of an escaped slave.

  • John Trowbridge was born on September 18, 1827 in Ogden, New York and died February 12, 1916
  • Trowbridge wrote numerous works under the pseudonym of Paul Creyton.

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