Hopkins Homestead

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3151 Clover St.
Pittsford, NY
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Hopkins Homestead
Settled by Col. Caleb Hopkins, hero of War of 1812.
Given honor of naming Pittsford for his hometown in Vermont.


By the Town of Pittsford — Date unknown

What was there

Caleb Hopkins farm and home. The neighboring Nye and Barker farms were acquired by the Hopkins family in the early 20th century. The Hopkins house is a two-and-one-half story timber-built, Federal-style home with gable roof and sits upon a rubble stone foundation. Several barns, a tenant house and other farming structures dating back to to the early 1800s were built here.

Caleb Hopkins, originally from Vermont, was commissioned as a lieutenant of the US militia in 1804, and ranked to a Colonel through his service during the War of 1812, during which he helped defend the Port of Rochester at Charlotte from the British. He eventually obtained the rank of Brigadier General. He first settled in a log cabin near Indian Landing on Irondequoit Bay, where he married his wife, Dorethea Mabee. He eventually made his home in what was then known as Town of Northfield, where he operated this farm and a shop. He also served as town supervisor (by then the town was known as Boyle) and then U.S. Collector of Customs at the Port of Rochester.

As the town of Boyle grew, it split into Penfield, Perinton, and Smallwood. Smallwood was split in 1814 into Brighton and Pittsford, which Colonel Hopkins had the honor of naming after his hometown in Vermont.

What is there now

The massive farm complex comprised of 14 buildings and various other farm structures, still exists and is family owned, surrounded by suburban housing and a Pittsford Middle School complex. Clover St. bisects the farm property.

The sign denotes the original Hopkins home, built c. 1815, which is adjacent to other structures from around that time. It is still owned and lived in by the family. In harvest season, the farm operates a road-side farmers’ market off of Clover St.

The farm, which is on both sides of Clover street and extends above Calkins Rd. encompasing several farming complexes, historic barns and home structures, is on private property.

More information

  • The farm was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. Here is the registration form, photos.
  • Caleb Hopkins (Wikipedia) was born in 1770 in Pittsford, Vermont and died on January 14, 1818 in Pittsford, New York.
  • Some of the structures that still exist on the Hopkins property today are: windmill derrick (c. 1890); outhouse; smokehouse; corn crib (c. 1870); hog shed/chicken coup; horse barn; dairy barn (c. 1912).
  • To the west of the Hopkins farm a patch of old growth forest has been preserved. Probably one of the largest of such in Western NY.
  • How Northfield became Pittsford

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