Indian Hill

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281 Dewey St
Churchville, NY
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Indian Hill
Indian encampment when whites entered region.
Grandparents of Frances E. Willard settled here 1816 as pioneers of this land.


By the State Education Department — 1935

What was there

On the site of a known Seneca seasonal camp, one of the first pioneers of Churchville, Oliver Willard (of Dublin, NH and then Wheelock, VT) and his wife Catherine Lewis, built a home and farm here. His granddaughter, Frances Willard was born in the Village of Churchville and became a leading suffragist.

What is there now

Rural homes and farms. It is not known if the current structures on the property or surrounding land were the originals lived in by the Willard family.

More information

  • Oliver Atherton Willard was born on May 12, 1784 in Dublin, NH  and died on May 1822.
  • Frances Willard was not born in this home, rather a home in the Village of Churchville, denoted by another marker. She lived in Churchville for only two years befire heading west with her family. As a suffragist, she returned several times to Churchville to speak at local churches.
  • Village of Churchville History
  • Frances Willard (Wikipedia)

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