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793 Malta Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York
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Crum’s Place
George “Crum” Speck, chef, inventor of the potato chip ran his restaurant 1882-1890. Nationally-known and local patrons dined here.


By the Town of Malta — c. 2004

What was there

Crum’s Place – a restaurant run by George Crum, who is credited with the invention (or at the very least,  the unknowing re-invention) of the potato chip  in 1853, while head chef at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Crum ventured off on his own to open Crum’s Place on this site in 1860. (Though the marker states otherwise, records show 1860 to be the correct date.) It closed in 1890.

What is there now

A private residence built in 1970 stands in front of, and obscures the (assumed) landmark.  Property is posted. Do NOT trespass. We were permitted to photograph the structure from the adjacent property.  After comparing new photographs to the old – the roof line, doors and windows indicate that this structure is most assuredly what was once Crum’s Place. (See comparison photo in our gallery.)

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Kelly Lucero

  1. Kelly says:

    Just call me crazy and get it over with. This marker has been #1 on my list of “must visits” since Matt and I started NYHistoric.com. Got my wish for my birthday this year! I’ve come away with quite a few answers, but new questions have emerged. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Saratoga and had a grand time sleuthing for this entry!

    DIP! I need some dip.

  2. ALEX says:

    What a great and interesting marker/story.
    Hattie Wellman, your great grandmother talked about “Saratoga Chips” when your father was young, in the 40s, and I assume enjoyed eating some too. Her family visited Saratoga Springs often and possibly even ate at the restaurant.
    Ruby Foote

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