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13466 West Barre Road
Barre, New York
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Kum Ba Yah (Come By Here)
Gravesite of Rev. Marvin V. Frey (1918-1992), composer of Kumbaya; He Is Lord; Peace Like A River; Isn’t He Wonderful; Alleluia



What was there

The West Barre Cemetery which was established c.1829.  Rev. Frey was buried here in 1992.

What is there now

The cemetery is set back a good distance from the road and you must park along the road and walk back to the site. Frey’s grave is toward the northern edge of the cemetery.  Look for a low, flat, modern stone.

Though the origins of the song, Kumbayah, are very much disputed, what is not disputed is that Rev. Frey is indeed buried here in the West Barre cemetery and that he did hold a copyright for the song that he claimed to have written in 1936. He is still widely credited for the song.

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