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1854-1860 Lewiston Rd
Basom, NY
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Burial ground
circa 1820-1900
First known burial 1829
Final resting place of many early settlers of the Town of Alabama


By the William C. Pomeroy Foundation — 2012

What was there

A pioneer cemetery on a slice of property once owned by the Norton family (on their farm estate, first settled by Anson Norton in 1836) and adjacent to the White family farm (and thus is often referred to as  White, or Norton Cemetery).

Although burials had been taking place much earlier than its incorporation, on December 15, 1831, trustees of the town purchased this slice of land from the Holland Land Company to use as a cemetery.

What is there now

Known as the Norton Cemetery, it is currently preserved, sandwiched between residential properties. A small kiosk has a book of interments. A sign labels it as Norton Cemetery although most current references to it (online) refer to it as the Wheatville Cemetery. It is located halfway between Alabama Center and Wheatville.

Restoration and repair work have recently been done and the cemetery was in good shape as of June, 2013.

More information

  • This tiny cemetery has over 117 interments.
  • Also known as the Norton Cemetery, White Cemetery, or Reed Cemetery. USGS maps refer to this cemetery as Reed Cemetery, but no other records have been found to confirm the accuracy of this name.
  • Interments on Find-A-Grave

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