Charlotte Cemetery

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28 River St.
Rochester, NY
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Charlotte Cemetery

Maintained by County of Monroe

Revolutionary , War of 1812 and Civil War veterans, lake captains, Sam Patch and first lighthouse keeper rest here.


By the County of Monroe — 1960

What was there

The area was settled by pioneers beginning in 1792.  As early as 1810 a ferry, operated by Ebenezer Utter (of Parma), ran passengers across the river near here. Burials had been taking place here since settlement, it wasn’t until July 10th, 1888 that the cemetery was made official. Although the tombstones of many veterans can be found, it is highly likely that many were buried without tombstones (or had wooden markers that have since been lost).

Daredevil, Sam Patch of Rhode Island, is the most notable burial at this cemetery. Once an impoverished mill worker in Patterson, Jersey, he began putting on performances jumping from high platforms into water. He gained international notoriety for jumping from a ladder into the Niagara Gorge at the Falls in the fall of 1829. On November 6, 1929 Patch performed a jumping stunt at the High Falls of Rochester to disappointing crowds. He scheduled a new show on the 13th of November, adding 25 feet of height to the jump by use of a custom-constructed platform. A crowd of nearly 8,000 witnessed a botched water entry at impact. He did not resurface. His body was recovered in Charlotte after the ice thaw the following spring. He was buried at this cemetery under a wooden marker. A granite stone and copper plaque replaced it decades later.

What is there now

In 1916 the Village of Charlotte was annexed by the City of Rochester. The County of Monroe maintains the cemetery in this residential neighborhood. For the most part the Cemetery is in good shape.

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