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1280 Titus Avenue
Rochester, New York
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Cobblestone Blacksmith Shop The oldest building in Irondequoit. Built in 1830 by Ransford Perrin.


By the Irondequoit Historical Society — Date unknown (the sign was erected prior to the building’s move and was moved along with it)

What was there

The Cobblestone Blacksmith Shop and adjacent Pioneer Home were not originally built at this location. They were moved here from a location on Ridge Rd., near Culver Rd.  The blacksmith shops’s former address when it was moved in 2008 was 2025 East Ridge Road. Ransford Perrin, a farmer from Massachusetts, moved to Brighton near the Irondequoit town line in 1805. He relocated to this site in Irondequoit in 1824. Mr. Perrin built the early cobblestone style blackmith shop himself using stones scavenged from the surrounding property. It is one floor, one room, with two foot thick mortar walls. Perrin built the blacksmith shop as part of an effort to build up the settlement. He also constructed the two story Pioneer Home, also relocated to this historic complex, in an effort to provide a rental home to complement the shop, in hopes of attracting a blacksmith to settle here.

Perrin also constructed his home and operated his farm nearby. A frame carpenter and wagon shop was built next to the blacksmith shop, originally operated by Fred Cook for 5 years, and then Mr. Bidlack, of Rochester, for 40 years.

The blacksmith shop changed hands at least a dozen times, catering to a variety of businesses (including a construction business, automotive body garage, and gift shop) and was in commercial use into the 2000s.  While we could not find records of who worked as the original blacksmith while Perrin owned the property, the last blacksmiths to work here were Patrick Mac Elligott and his helper, a Mr. Hopkins. It operated as “Al Krischke – Blacksmith” as the new owners never changed the sign from the previous. Under the ownership of Elligott, the nature of the business changed from fitting horseshoes and repairing wagons to repairing early auto parts. Recent renovations included adding modern windows and doors.

What is there now

At Ridge Road, where the building was prior to its move in 2008 exists now a car workshop and pizza parlor. The Irondequoit Historical Society and the Town of Irondequoit maintain this building and the adjacent Pioneer Home as a museum at the Irondequoit Town Hall Campus. The building is in great shape and open for visitation during daylight hours. Some repair work was done to restore the original walls where modern windows were added in the past. Iron works products of the era are strewn about the property. Tours are free and by appointment.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Wonderful post and photos. Thank goodness this building was so lovingly preserved and relocated. Especially like the photograph of “No. 1” embossed on the rusting metal with the distant view of the historic marker appearing through the opening above! What is that item? Is it a rusting vehicle?

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