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West Ave and Seneca St
Interlaken, NY
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Old school house
This building was the 2d used for school purposes in Farmersville, New York
In 1845 was known as the “Farmersville Institute”


By the State Education Department — 1932

What was there

The second schoolhouse in the settlement Farmersville (now Interlaken).

What is there now

The schoolhouse is now a private residential home in a residential neighborhood.

More information

  • First known as “Farmersville,” but then became (under much confusion) “Farmer” after a post office error. Then “Farmer Village” in an attempt to mitigate for that error. The Lehigh Valley Railroad, which gave the village a boost in traffic in the early 1900s and helped carry its produce to far markets, referred to the stop as “Farmer, NY”.  “Farmer Village” was just too long for the rail station’s sign. The rail company held a contest to name the station something more in line with the resort nature of the Finger Lakes. Miss Georgiana M. Wheeler, a teacher at the Farmer High School, had just returned from a trip to Switzerland, and suggested the name Interlaken, after the resort town there. She won, and the station got its new name.  The name of the settlement was changed in March, 1904 to Interlaken, when the village was incorporated.

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