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18 Lomala Road
Hopewell Junction, New York
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Brinckerhoff front overview


Built 1738 by Colonel John Brinckerhoff
Washington’s headquarters while army was in Fishkill


By the State Education Department — 1932

What was there

A one and a half story stone house with brick gable ends and dormer windows – built in 1738 by John Brinckerhoff.  Black bricks installed within the red brick gable end on the west side spell out the date 1738 – and remain to this day. (see gallery)

During the Revolution, when the Continental Army was centered in Fishkill, George Washington was John Brinckerhoff’s guest during the fall and winter of 1778. He stayed in bedroom no. 3 in back of the parlor on the west side of the house. In the tradition of the Brinckerhoff family, as the story goes,  the “motherly” Mrs. Brinckerhoff saw to it personally that the Commander-in-Chief was tucked in his bed – warm and cozy on cold winter nights.

Though the home left the Brinckerhoff family in the late 1800s, and went through subtle cosmetic changes over time, it now appears to be in a well kept, historically accurate, mostly unaltered condition; an astonishing feat after nearly 300 years.

Major General Lafayette was also a guest of Brinckerhoff in this home during the Revolution.

A porch was added and trim modernized around 1800. The porch does not exist today.

1912 Brinckerhoff

Postcard with postmark of 1912

Brinckerhoff pre 1912 perhaps

Photograph taken before marker was placed in current location – pre 1932 – and comparing tree size and placement to the 1912 image, this appears to have been taken earlier than 1912.

What is there now

This home is a private residence.  Please do not trespass.

The exterior of the structure appears to remain quite remarkably in as close to original condition as possible. A passerby who works for the Fishkill Historical Society informed us (and public records confirmed) that the current residents have lived here for about 40 years, and although there were signs of neglect and unused vehicles at the back of the property, we were told that steps had been taken to make appropriate repairs over the last few years.  The circular driveway is gravel and fruit trees dot the 5 acre parcel of land.

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