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Hoopes Park
Auburn, NY
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Hoopes Park
Created in 1922 on land donated by the family of Edward Hoopes to the City of Auburn. The Club House was built by the city in 1929.


By the City of Auburn — 2007

What was there

This land was was originally held by the Owasco and Auburn Canal Company since 1844 and was deeded to Edward Hoopes, a businessman and real-estate investor from Philadelphia, in 1875. The Canal Company Corporation and lawyer, Edward E. Marvine, sold the lot to Hoopes, but Hoopes found the land to be surrounded by a fence and off limits in 1878. The Auburn Water Works had claimed the land, arguing that the original owner was not a real corporation and never had any real deed to the property. This led the State Supreme Court to hear the case EDWARD HOOPES Plaintiff v THE AUBURN WATERWORKS COMPANY Defendant, in 1885. County clerk records showed that a deed was granted to the Canal Company in 1844, and Hoopes won. His estate stretched from Seward Avenue on the west, to Hunter Ave (and the border of the town) to the east, with Havens Ave forming the southern border, and just beyond Capital St on the north. The land was subdivided, but the area of the present-day park had a small creek and marshy land around it, making it a tough sell. Edward Hoopes had a home on the corner of Genesee St and Letchworth St (now Hoopes St) – the Federal-style house is still there.

After Edward Hoopes’ death, his family donated the small unused portion of land to the city, to be used as a park.

What is there now

Hoopes Park is a small portion of the original plot of land Hoopes purchased. Most of his property is now residential. It is now a city-run park with a pond, bandstand, walking/running path, and clubhouse (available for rent).

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