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255 Greenwich Avenue
Goshen, New York
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Front Goshen Hospital


With gift of this property, 1915, by Luella M. Van Leuven, Goshen Emergency Hospital remained here until 1967, providing care for thousands. Benefactors included Gates McGarrah.


By the GOCOBI— 1978

What was there

Founded in 1908 by a group of women, Goshen Emergency Hospital, moved its operations to this location on Greenwich Avenue in 1915.  The structure is the former residence of Luella Morris Van Leuven who specified in her will that the hospital should move here.  It remained in operation until 1967.  At that time, Goshen Emergency Hospital moved to larger quarters at 4 Harriman Drive and was renamed Arden Hill Hospital.  It was originally constructed of red brick.

Additions to the building gradually altered its appearance. In 1922, the maternity wing was added. In 1932, a three-story addition was constructed in the rear to house the male and female wards and the operating room. A new delivery room and labor room were built in 1941. Another change in 1954 added a four-bed semi-private room. A $25,000 Ford Foundation grant helped complete a new kitchen and staff dining room.

Provisionally accredited in 1954, The Goshen Hospital achieved full accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation in 1957, offering 50 inpatient beds (including 10 maternity beds) and 12 bassinets.

There were 90 full- and part-time employees including 32 registered nurses with a full-time hospital administrator in charge. The medical staff consisted of 17 regular physicians, 37 consulting physicians, 23 courtesy physicians, and seven dentists. Among the staff, six were specialists who had been certified by their respective American Boards.

In February 1960, The Goshen Hospital attained the highest level of occupancy.  The result was not unexpected because in 1959 the Hospital recorded an overall occupancy rate of 74 percent, well above the critical point of 66 percent occupancy for a 50-bed hospital. The medical-surgical divisions of the Hospital reported 85 percent occupancy. This included 100 percent or better occupancy on no less than 72 days.

The Goshen Hospital operated with a budget of about $300,000 in 1959. The $12,000 raised by the annual fund drive was used for new equipment.

Quoted from Orange County Medical Center’s History page.

What is there now

Wide Front Goshen Hospital
The brick structure, now painted a cream color,  is home to a handful of businesses and at least two apartments. Unit 2 is available for rent at the time of this posting in June 2014. Zoned as Commercial / Office / Residential.

More information

  • Photo of the building c. 1920
  • Luella Van Leuven died at the age of 52 in November 1913.
  • The building has commonly been known as The Seven Columns.
  • Mention of property transfer from Van Leuven to Goshen Emergency Hospital, with photo: here. Go to page 62.

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