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Who we are

We are not the New York State Office of Parks and Historic Preservation (go there instead). We are not in charge of or responsible for any of the historic sites listed on this website.

We are a band of photographers with an interest in New York State history. The nature photography community, NYFalls.com – Upstate Nature, Wildlife and Photography, owns and operates this website.

What we do

We geographically catalog Historic Sites around the state of New York, and present them online for people to explore. Our database is complemented by beautiful photos taken by talented members of our community.

Why we do it

Just as NYFalls.com has inspired aspiring photographers to get out and tour Upstate New York to capture beautiful waterfall and lake scenes, NYHistoric aims to help people locate these interesting sites, so they can have new photography subjects to explore and learn a bit of local history as well.

We also expect the education and tourism industries to take advantage of our efforts.

We do it all for free, and because we like to.

What you can do

We are now accepting Donations to fund operations in 2017.

The best thing you can do now is to share this website and its pages on Facebook, Twitter or your own website. Use the social bookmarks on each page to do that.

We also encourage suitable photographers to contribute.

Our staff

Matt ConheadyMatthew Conheady
Founder & President

Matthew started NYFalls.com in 2006

His interests include: art & photography, New York State history, buying local, Asian culture and language, cartography, hiking, and writing.

Read more about Matthew here.

Kelly LuceroKelly Lucero
Creative Director & Editor

She enjoys kettlebell sport, coloring outside the lines, growing stuff, eating her vegetables, collecting time-worn objects, taking pictures, stalking songbirds, reading non-fiction anything, and is the mother of 2 grown boys.

Read more about Kelly here.


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