Answers to our most frequently asked questions


“How can I help?” This website uses funding from a very small number of ads as well as donations from our visitors. 


Can I have permission to use your photo(s)?” Check the photo you want to use. If there is a copyright symbol ©, then the image is copyrighted by the photographer and may not be used without their specific permission. If there is no copyright symbol, you may use the image under the Creative Commons License, which means you can use it as long as you credit the photographer and NYHistoric.com. If you use the non-copyrighted image on your website, help us out by linking to us.  

“You feature photographs of my property, please take them down…” We follow the law when photographing or selecting photographs for this website. If a photograph was taken from public property (a park, road, or DOT owned roadside) or from property where permission is given, we are abiding by the law and may feature the photographs on NYH. We do denote private properties as private whenever to have that information. 

“How do I buy a photo featured on NYH?” The photos on this website are the properties of the photographers who took them. NYH does not sell their photos, but will forward your inquiry to the photographer. Contact Matt Conheady directly with the name of the historic site, a description of the photo(s) you would like, as well as what size(s) you are interested in.

“What are these photos of exactly?” Photos on a marker page can be of anything found at the site at the time the marker was documented. That includes anything referenced in the marker, if it still exists, or any modern buildings or unrelated things to the subject of the marker. If the marker is about a city/town/village, the photos included may be from around the whole city/town/village. We also include, if properly licensed and verified, historic photos of subjects mentioned by the marker.

Historic Markers

“What types of markers do you list?” We prioritize factual markers within the State of New York, from an authoritative source (Federal, state and local governments; historic societies; Native American tribes). We have begun accepting markers from religious and nonprofit organizations, but we do check facts more closely on these. We exclude markers erected with bias, deemed or suspect to be counterfeit, or as hoaxes. Additionally, we do not list tombstones or war memorials as markers here.  We also list “Storyteller Signs”  from Seaway Trail, Inc. (a not-for-profit organization) that denote historic events (not natural history, science, business promotion). 

“Do markers have to be blue and yellow?” No. We publish any marker that fits the guidelines outlined above.

“I know of a marker you don’t have listed…” Please help us by creating a topic on our message board with some juicy details. 

Discussion / Comments

“How can I comment on or discuss a post?” First, you have to create an account. It’s quick and easy, and we won’t spam you because we hate spam. Click the “Options” button in the lower right corner and then click “Register to comment.” Sign up and then sign in. Every historic marker listed has a comments section below the marker information. When signed in, you can submit comments. 


“I noticed a mistake in the marker (sign’s) text…” If the marker itself has an error, our policy is to not correct it, although we may make a note of it.

“I noticed a factual error…” You can let us know by adding a comment to the page. We will only make the change if we can verify any facts. See “Discussion / Comments” in the FAQ on how to add a comment.

NYHistoric Administration

“How do I contact you?” General ideas, tips on marker locations, corrections, questions and more can be posted on our message board. Administration, advertising, partnership opportunities, and requests to use/purchase photos can contact Matt Conheady directly (all other topics will be ignored).