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This is a community-driven project…

and we rely on volunteer efforts to help get all this information online. Although we do have some dedicated staff, we need your help to get more of these areas into the system.

This is a photography project…

and the site is run by photographers with the goal of helping to inspire other photographers and hobbyists to get out and photograph historic sites. Each entry here starts with a photograph and it is the editors’ job to make sure that each entry is complemented with both documentary and artistic visions.

Minimally, what we need to create an entry is:

  • Approximate GPS coordinates (within 50 ft, ideally) and/or exact address.  If you don’t have a GPS device, you can map out the GPS coordinates using a website such as ACME Mapper or  iTouchMap.
  • A photograph of the Historic Marker. This marker has to be sanctioned by an official party (National, State, County, City, Town, Village, Hamlet, Historical Society). At this time, we do not consider grave markers to be historic markers. If you accurately type up the wording of the marker, we would be very grateful.
  • A photograph of the current site. This is where you can be creative. Feel free to take and submit multiple photos. Balance art with documentary. Take photos of outstanding features and any evidence of what was once there.  Make sure you process these photos before submitting for review. We will not accept photos taken with cell-phones.
  • A description. You don’t have to get wordy;  just tell us what’s there now.

To contribute:

New York HistoricVisit this link:  Submitting A Marker


NYFalls.comJoin the community at our parent website, Here you can search to see if anyone else is covering the historic site in question; post the information and photos you have;  get immediate feedback, help and support. You also get to be a part of a great community of amateur photographers.